Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stomach Flu, Cold, Cough, Body Aches...

I'm fairly interested in knowing how many people over the last 7 days has had one of the illnesses/symptoms listed above. In our household, the last 7 days we've had all of them. Our precious little 7 1/2 month old was put on steroids to help her breathe again, and that killed me. I knew it was wrong, and my heart sank when we gave her the 1st dosage. Luckily, it was a 3 day thing and she didn't end up having pertussis (THAT is why I did it. I wasn't taking any chances.)! YAY! Once she finally beat the horrible congestion & cough, only 5 days later we were back to Urgent Care, only to have them tell us "there's nothing wrong with her" and just 30 seconds after they locked the doors behind us she ended up vomiting mucous all over me. We knew they were stupid, and refuse to go back again. 2 days later, I caught the stomach flu ("bug"), and was forced to hand my baby over to a neighbor so I could rest. I didn't get a good chance to re-coop because the next day my husband had it, and the next day my baby had it. I WAS EXHAUSTED. Here's how I survived those days...

Breathe was put directly on the neck, no dilution, I was desperate. It was difused, and put on the feet too. Lavender was used all over the body to soothe the aches/pains. DigestZen will never be an oil I inject because... well... it didn't stay down long and I tasted it everytime I lost it. YUCK. But I did start using it directly on the stomach/abdomen, and it helped so much! Deep Blue Rub.. boy did that sucker help me alot! My entire back and chest hurt from my muscles doing stuff they don't normally do, and I was in so much pain! I'll confess... I had taken a Tylenol with Codine too (#3), but it didn't phase me. Finally, just minutes after Deep Blue Rub was put on my back I had relief. That bad boy is on my LRP points order :) On Guard- I was desperate, I took that internally. It helped so much! I finally could sleep!

Water. I can't tell you enough.... sip sip sip that water! Forget trying to eat, because you don't feel like it anyway, right? But seriously, keep water by you at all times. When you don't feel like sipping, SIP. I had to get 2 liters of an IV fluid to produce milk again. I would have been fine not getting the fluids if I weren't nursing. So those liters really helped, and I did feel better almost instantly. I still can't say it enough though... DRINK, sip, whatever you can do! Keep yourself hydrated!

Other oils to keep in mind...
Fevers? Peppermint.
Lack of Energy? Wild Orange.
Dizzy? Balance.
Headaches? PastTense.
Terrible Body Aches? Frankincense.
Sore Throat? On Guard (in a spray bottle).
Toxins sitting in your body? Lemon (with water).
Dry Nose? Cool Mist SpaVapor Diffuser or the Lotus Diffuser with Breathe.

Wanna know what to get so you don't have to spend $150 on oils that you just need to use for the illnesses you have now?

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Need prices for the other oils? *Retail
Balance- $26.67 (15 ml)
PastTense-$24.67 (10 ml roll on)
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Breathe -$26.67 (15 ml)
DigestZen-$41.33 (15 ml)

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