Homemade Laundry Detergent

I came across a variety of recipes for Homemade Laundry Detergent. I'm NOT a fan of paying $12+ per container of detergent, and I've also got very sensitive skin, so this was a really fabulous solution for our family (and our budget)! I decided there were a few factors as to why I changed things up to be my own recipe, and thats just based on my needs. If you plan to do something different.. GO FOR IT :) It's fun to try new things and realize how awesome it is!!

Our family has a certain amount of whites that we really need to keep as white as possible. I also and scared of ruining my whites from bleaching so much, so I added extra BORAX to the mix. Borax is a Laundry Booster (and I've heard many people use it instead of Chlorox or any bleach), and its quite cheap. I purchased everything at regular price so I will know for the future how much to expect to spend.


Washing Soda (not to be mistaken with Baking Soda)
Unscented Castile Soap Bar
5 Gallon Bucket
Very Hot Water
doTERRA Essential Oils


*Finely grate you Unscented Castile Soap Bar, set aside for later.
*Take 4 cups of water & boil in a saucepan, once water is at a boil add all of the grated Soap Bar to the water & mix with a wisk until no more chunks are visible.
*Fill half of the 5 Gallon Bucket with VERY hot water.
*Add 1 C Borax to the bucket
*Add 1 C Washing Soda to the bucket
*Add the Soap Bar & water mixture to the bucket.
*Stir very well!
*Fill the rest of your bucket with VERY hot water to the top (minus about an inch in case of spilling).
*Stir again, put the lid on the bucket and set the bucket aside to sit over night.

The next morning you should have the consistency of "Egg Noodle Soup" in your bucket, don't expect it to be like your normal detergent as those have special chemicals that make it thicker, though it doesn't need to be thick.

Add 30-50 drops of your favorite doTERRA Essential Oils. I do 30 drops of Purify. I have heard you can use On Guard, Wild Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Lavender, or just about any oil that is used for cleaning.

*Stir the oil in until its spread throughout the entire bucket. You can recycle your old detergent buckets (Free & Clear is best to reuse) by refilling with your new homemade detergent. I heard to use an entire cup per load (for Top Loaders), or a half cup for front loaders, but I plan to only use 1/2 cup. That is 160 loads per 5 Gallon Bucket! I also have heard that if you find your washer unable to rinse the soap then to decrease to 1/4 cup. If that is the case.. you've just doubled to 320 loads!!

Want to know how much it cost?

5 Gallon Bucket $1.28 at Home Depot
76 oz Borax $3.38 at Walmart
55 oz Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda $3.23 at Walmart
Unscented Castile Soap Bar $2.99 at Sprout's
Water- from the faucet
15 mL Purify $18 wholesale

Total per 5 Gal?

That's $0.04 per load if you do 1/2 c
$0.02 per load if you do 1/4 c

I don't think it gets any better than that!!


  1. Any particular reason why you can't just use the liquid castile soap? I have a bunch of that on hand. Though Id have to research how much to use

  2. I believe it is ok to use liquid! As always, this is just a suggestion for how to make it. You can experiment and figure what works best for your home!i haven't added the changes, but I recently discovered an awesome laundry bar called Fels-Naptha at Walmart for $0.97 and so that works (in my opinion) better for us than the Castile soap based on what we wash now. Doesn't mean Castile is bad.. But through experimenting we discovered our family's better option :)

    Here is info from a website about the differences...

    Both our bar and liquid soaps are pure-castile, as they are all vegetable oil-based. The bar soap wrappers prominently state that they, too, are pure-castile, like our liquid soaps. The difference between the liquid and bar soaps is that the liquid soaps use potassium hydroxide to saponify the vegetable oils, versus sodium hydroxide used to make the hard bar soaps.

  3. I'm finding my whites are still not getting cleaned enough. Any suggestions for increasing the "bleaching" ability to help get my whites a little whiter? Should I adjust proportions or is there something else I could add to the mix??